Christie Cannon of Keller Williams: What Is Required to be a Successful Real Estate Agent?

Clients look for certain qualities in their real estate agents. The first quality is approachability. Are they willing to trust their home-buying process with their agent? To some extent, agents have to probe into a client’s history in order to meet their needs.


It isn’t enough to be told “I want a dishwasher, a finished basement, and four bedrooms.” A quality agent is also going to know a buyer’s financial situation and emotional needs.

Christie Cannon, owner of Christie Cannon Keller Williams real estate group, shares with us some additional tips on how to be successful.

  • Follow up on your leads. An organized, responsible agent is in the clients’ eyes, reliable. Return all phone calls and emails as promptly as possible. Real estate is one industry where it pays to check email on weekends.
  • Take down everyone’s information. Even if someone emails you with a question or two, perhaps ask if they’d like to be added to your new listing emails. You never know where opportunity may strike.
  • Set realistic expectations for sellers. Customers may want to hear a best-case scenario, but never hesitate to offer the most likely scenario & the potential pitfalls to any scenario . Some might make it clear that they will only hire an agent who promises a high-yield sale. Don’t give in to temptation. If you are straightforward and realistic from the beginning, customers are more likely to defer to your advice.
  • Remember you own a business and treat it as such. Business have set hours of operations & set schedules. While the pace of the market and the service you strive to provide will require non-traditional hours, having and maintaining a clearly defined schedule offers you clients the comfort of knowing when & how best to get a hold of you or your staff.

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