Working Her Dream Job Christie Cannon

There are few people who are blessed to be able to work a job that they consider to be their dream job. Many professionals are in the workforce for many years before they are able to move into the place where they believe that they can finally do their dream job. For Christie Cannon, she was able to secure her dream faster than she ever imagined. She believes that she is lucky and blessed to be able to work this dream of hers


Christie Cannon is doing what she absolutely loves. She owns a division of Keller Williams Realty aptly named the Christie Cannon Group. Through her group, Cannon is able to do what she enjoys, helping people. Buying or selling a house, is one of the most expensive, risky, and stressful situations. Christie Cannon is there to help make the situation less stressful, take out as much risk as possible, and ultimately secure the price that is best for them. Cannon is essentially able to take the decision that is made and make it more rewarding. It is an exciting Experience for everyone involved, Christie Cannon is simply happy to be a part of all of it.

Christie Cannon has helped clients buy & sell thousands of homes throughout her career. The experience of each and every sale or purchase that Cannon has had is knowledge and expertise that she gains. She loves to leverage that experience and knowledge in all future business situations in order to assist families in their housing decisions. Christie Cannon simply enjoys aiding her clients along to aid the in achieving and meeting their financial and lifestyle goals.


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