The Team of Professionals of the Christie Cannon Group

Since 2003, Christie Cannon has worked with the Keller Williams Real Estate firm. She has found a substantial amount of success throughout her career with the company. Originally starting as an individual agent, Christie Cannon had a dream of starting her very own group. After achieving great success on her own, Cannon started her personal team of talented professionals, aptly naming the division of Keller Williams Realty, the Christie Cannon Group. Through the years Christie Cannon has added and added team and staff members. The following are all those who work with the Christie Cannon Group.


Christie Cannon is the owner of the Christie Cannon Group. She is a Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist, a board member of multiple real estate advisory boards, and also a member of numerous area networking and mastermind real estate groups.

Kevin Cannon is Christie Cannon’s husband and the first member to join the Christie Cannon Group. He is a realtor and a licensed Broker Associate who works mostly in customer relations, marketing, as well as taking on the management of the office. Kevin’s experiences include negotiations, luxury properties, and has branched out into second homes and farm & ranch properties. He currently teaches contracts at Keller Williams of Frisco and is a member of the Agent Leadership Council.

Kristie Crotty is there to help the buying clients. She is a Buyer’s Agent Specialist and an Accredited Buyer Representative. She carries an elite status that is held by only four percent of all the realtors in the United States.

Next up is Sandy Stewart. She is a Certified Residential Specialist, which is the highest possible accreditation for sales agents. As a long time resident of Dallas, Texas, she is able to provide a true insider’s perspective for all of her clients looking to join the Dallas community.

Chrsitie Cannon Keller Williams

Another member of the Christie Cannon Group staff is Christie Taylor. She is also an Accredited Buyer Representative. Christie specializes in working with clients who are fist time home buyers, and also works well with luxury home buyers. She also aids with USDA and VA buyers.

Cynthia Dunn is another staff member of the Christie Cannon Group. Cynthia is a showering specialist as well as a licensed agent. She enjoys taking her clients out from house to house until they find their dream home. Cynthia is great at taking out the stress of home buying.

Most recent to the team is Lance Taylor. Lance specializes in investors, luxury home buyers, and first time home buyers.


Choosing Christie Cannon and Her Team of Professionals

If there is something specific you are looking for or something that you need in the field of real estate, Christie Cannon is willing to help you. Whether you are considering buying a home, selling the one you are in, or both, Cannon and her team of professionals know the market inside and out and are ready to use their knowledge and expertise to aid you, their client. Christie Cannon truly enjoys helping her clients and looks forward to helping you with your real estate needs. She offers a variety of extra benefits to you and her clients to help fulfill the wants for your real estate.


Christie Cannon provides a variety of different media avenues to keep track of what is going on in the market. She has a real estate blog that provide a fresh perspective on the market activity of the great Frisco area, which Cannon operates. You can enlist to her email listing alerts. Being the first to know about what is an upcoming real estate available for purchase is easy using these email alerts.

Christie Cannon emails daily her clients who subscribe to her email listing alert. She can customize what house updates are sent to your email simply by you letting her know what you are interested. Once you purchase a home, unsubscribing is simply a click away. One top of these services, Christie Cannon offers a complimentary analysis of your home’s approximate present value. This service is great for clients who are interested in putting their house on the market today.

What to Know and Do When Buying a Home

For Christie Cannon of Keller Williams Realty, she finds her job as a real estate agent as a way extremely rewarding. She helps many first time buyers find their perfect home, others she helps find their dream home. Either way, Cannon knows that everyone needs a place to stay and is glad to be a part of the process of making families happy by finding them a home. For those who are considering buying a home soon, Christie Cannon of Keller Williams Realty recommends a few things to do and know.


Never assume what your credit rating or debt ratios may be!  As they say, knowledge is power, and knowing your accurate mid-line credit score can go a long way. Avoid being surprised when meeting with a lender by checking your credit rating, but do be surprised if you find that many credit reporting services have variances between the score they offer & the score a lender may see.  Ultimately, do not let a lack of knowledge stand in the way of buying a home; instead get education; work with knowledge lenders who will take the time help you develop a strategy to meet your loan goal.

Christie Cannon of Keller Williams Realty also recommends that buyers develop and stick to a budget. Many people do not realize that they are extra fees that go into buying a house and additional costs to ownership. Sitting down with a calculator and a realtor can help estimate what the total monthly payments would turn out to be. Doing this will help put the buyer in a position of knowing where their price range is.

Christie Cannon – Working with Keller Williams Realty


The success of Christie Cannon at Keller Williams Realty was nearly instant. Her hard work ethic paid high dividends as she was recognized for her achievements in the company. This has been the story of Cannon who became a Texas Real Estate Commission Licensed Agent in 1997. Even during her years before Keller Williams Cannon was finding great success. She worked for five years in commercial and residential land development closing deals of development that she would also earn.

When Christie Cannon first started working with Keller Williams Realty she was able to get off to a hot start. Her tenure with this realty firm started her as an individual agent (Christie Cannon). In the years 2004 and 2005, Cannon was awarded the Rookie of the Year award. This was a great esteem booster for Cannon who worked hard to achieve high marks. After this point, she knew it was time to set sights high and to start establishing a team to be a division of Keller Williams Realty. Her first partner was he husband Kevin, a Licensed Broker Associate, and thus the Christie Cannon Group began.


Christie Cannon of Keller Williams Realty saw just as much accomplishment with her group as she had as an individual agent, if not more. They were able to hire on a full time staff in ’07 followed by a Buyer’s agent in ’09. They were continually growing and gaining business in their area. The team is now made up of three full time staff members and six agents. Christie Cannon Group has been named Keller Williams’ top group in Frisco. Their services have also been recognized outside of their company, by D Magazine and Texas Monthly Magazine.

Christie Cannon Keller Williams Frisco: Unparalleled Service

Christie Cannon of Keller William in Frisco, Texas, is a multi-million dollar producing agency owner, a member of the Agent Leadership Council for Keller Williams, and a real estate agent who consistently ranks in the company’s top percentage. She is committed to providing the best possible service to each of her clients, and relies on a team of real estate professionals to assist her in making each client’s home buying or home selling experience a pleasant one.


“Last year I sold homes 2.5 times faster than the average in Frisco, with one of the highest sale price to list price ratios in the MLS,” recalls Christie Cannon of Keller Williams in Frisco. MLS, or Multiple Listing Service, is a real estate technology that makes transactions more efficient. “I recognize that the homes my clients are selling and buying are more than just properties. As such, I ensure that I and my team make every effort to treat these homes with the dedication we would expect when selling our own houses.”

Christie Cannon Keller Williams Frisco strives to provide unparalleled service to all of her clients, and says that their complete satisfaction with her service and representation is her number one priority. She understands that every client, from those who have bought and sold previous homes to first-time homebuyers, have their own needs and their own story, and she is committed to helping each one of them. She and the Christie Cannon Team have received many industry awards, but she says that the trust of her clients and the referrals they provide are more important than any of that.

Christie Cannon Keller Williams Frisco: Prime Acting Cluster

Christie Cannon lecturer Williams Frisco could be a prime commerce land agent in Frisco. They received the distinguished prime acting cluster Award for Frisco American state at the lecturer Williams annual “Family Reunion” convention in metropolis, Florida, in Gregorian calendar month of 2015.

“It is very gratifying to receive this award from such a distinguished audience of our peers,” same Dame Agatha Mary Clarissa Christie Cannon of lecturer Williams in Frisco. She says that she sold homes at a rate that was 2 and a [*fr1] times quicker than average in Frisco. And one in every of the keys to her success is delivering the sort of personalised service that her shoppers have return to expect. “Even with closing quite 200 and forty homes last year, I perceive the importance of providing every and each shopper with the best standards of expertness and personalised service.”

She understands that her data for wonderful client service comes from having a wonderful team. And during this, she has her triumph Dame Agatha Mary Clarissa Christie Cannon Team. The team, as she is aware of, is that the initial purpose of contact for shoppers, whether or not they square measure responding to a commercial or being referred by a previous glad client.


And so she says that it’s crucial that she has the most effective folks on the work. The Dame Agatha Mary Clarissa Christie Cannon Team, additionally to Dame Agatha Mary Clarissa Christie Cannon herself, is created of her land broker husband Kevin, Sandy Stewart, Kristy Crotty, and Dame Agatha Mary Clarissa Christie & Lance Taylor. “Our greatest blessing,” she says, “has been an enormous support base of past shoppers that still supply North American country the chance to figure with them, their families, and referrals.”

Christie Cannon Keller Williams Frisco: Rookie of the Year


Christie Cannon Keller Williams Frisco was licensed to sell real estate by the Texas Real Estate Commission in 1997. She spent the next five years working in commercial and residential land real estate development, and was involved with some of the major land developers in the Dallas Fort Worth areas. Her projects included several award winning development deals.

In 2003 Christie Cannon Keller Williams Frisco returned to residential real estate with Keller Williams Frisco, and right away was awarded the firm’s “Rookie of the Year” award. “In 2004 and 2005 I grew from an individual agent to a team, partnering with my husband Kevin.” At the time he was a real estate agent but is now a licensed broker. “We have continued to grow each year,” she went on, “now to staff a full time staff of three, supporting five agents. Our continued growth has resulted in numerous awards each year, but our greatest blessing has been a huge support base of past clients that continue to offer us the opportunity to work with them, their families, and referrals.”


As a real estate professional, Christie Cannon Keller Williams Frisco understands that her job involves keeping up with the local and regional market, and with industry news. She tracks listings throughout the Dallas Fort Worth area, and plans and coordinates appointments with clients, schedules open houses and showings, and regularly meets with other real estate agents and brokers. In addition to Frisco, she represents clients in the Dallas, Allen, Plano, Little Elm, Highland Park, McKinney, Melissa, and Prosper markets.

A Long Journey – Christie Cannon

Based in Frisco, Texas, Christie Cannon Group has become one of the most successful divisions of Keller Williams Realty. The division is owned by Christie Cannon of Keller Williams Realty, who has been in the real estate business for nearly twenty years. Originally Cannon started with the realty firm as an individual agent. Over time she worked her way up the ranks, finding success wherever she went in her community, and eventually built her very own team, Christie Cannon Group.


The journey of Christie Cannon of Keller Williams Realty first began in 1997 when she became Texas Real Estate Commission Licensed Agent. Once achieving this status, Cannon went into land development in 1998. During her five year tenure in land development, Cannon primarily worked on the development of commercial and residential properties. In this position she was able to work a variety of major land developers in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas. Christie Cannon of Keller Williams Realty time in this position was filled with achievement that was recognized as she was awarded for winning development deals. In 2003, Cannon’s journey in the real estate industry closed a chapter and opened a new one as she joined Keller Williams Realty.

As Christie Cannon began working with Keller Williams Realty in 2003, she was able to recreate the success she had previously but in her new positions. Originally starting as an individual agent, Christie Cannon Frisco started growing her group by first partnering with her husband, a licensed Broker Associate. From that point on, Cannon continually built her team and formed Christie Cannon Group.

The Recognition of the Christie Cannon Group

Christie Cannon and her team of professionals at the division of Keller Williams Realty aptly named the Christie Cannon Group. Throughout her professional career in the real estate industry, Cannon has received a variety of different various recognitions, awards and certifications. With over fifteen years of experience and over ten years of experience with Keller Williams, Christie Cannon has become one of the top real estate agents and small business owners in her region. The following is some of the recognition that Christie Cannon and her real estate firm, Christie Cannon Group, have received over the years.

Number one in Keller Williams Group in Frisco, TX in 2011, ‘12, ’13, and ‘14

D Magazine’s BEST in ’10, ’11, ’12, ’13, and ’14

Five Star Professionals in ’12, ’13, ’14, & ‘15

A Member of the Keller Williams Luxury Homes Division

A Keller Williams Luxury Home Specialist

Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist (CLHMS)

A Global Property Specialist (GPS)

Real Trends Magazine Best Real Estate Agent in Texas

Keller Williams Frisco Top Producing Group

D Magazine Top Residential Real Estate Produces

Keller Williams International Triple Platinum Award

Multiple yeas speaker at Keller Williams National Conventions

Top one percent of agents in Keller Williams International

Top five agents in Keller Williams of North Texas, New Mexico, and Memphis region.

Christie Cannon and her company has accomplished many achievements. Cannon is proud of her team that found continual success. They provide their services to a wide variety of clients in the Frisco, McKinney, and Prosper, Texas, as well as all of the Collin and Denton Counties.



Christie Cannon Keller Williams Frisco: Multi-Million Dollar Producer

Christie Cannon of Keller Williams in Frisco is one of the area’s top performing real estate agents. She is the head of the Christie Cannon Team and is a multi-million dollar producer who has been active in buying and selling real estate properties since 1997.

Chrsitie Cannon Keller Williams

“As a full-time Real Estate agent, I truly enjoy providing an exceptional, five star service to my clients,” says Christie Cannon of Keller Williams in Frisco. “I have been in the industry for fifteen years, and have an extensive knowledge of the real estate industry.” She says that when it comes to the real estate business, there are no insider secrets beyond providing clients with the best level of service she can.

Christie Cannon of Keller Williams in Frisco provides concierge style real estate services. “I believe in offering consultation and assistance beyond just the sale of a home,” she says. Her goal is to provide a one stop shop for her clients on all things real estate related, with services that extend to a wide range of services that homeowners often need once they have completed the purchase of a new home. They can providing access to proven contractors, painters and more. Clients usually appreciate these services when they don’t have the time to do a lot of the legwork associated with getting everything that they need to have for their new home.


“Buying and selling a home is often one of the most expensive and riskiest endeavors,” says Christie Cannon of Keller Williams in Frisco. “It is my privilege to offer expertise and experience to help families and individuals meet their financial and lifestyle goals.”