What to Know and Do When Buying a Home

For Christie Cannon of Keller Williams Realty, she finds her job as a real estate agent as a way extremely rewarding. She helps many first time buyers find their perfect home, others she helps find their dream home. Either way, Cannon knows that everyone needs a place to stay and is glad to be a part of the process of making families happy by finding them a home. For those who are considering buying a home soon, Christie Cannon of Keller Williams Realty recommends a few things to do and know.


Never assume what your credit rating or debt ratios may be!  As they say, knowledge is power, and knowing your accurate mid-line credit score can go a long way. Avoid being surprised when meeting with a lender by checking your credit rating, but do be surprised if you find that many credit reporting services have variances between the score they offer & the score a lender may see.  Ultimately, do not let a lack of knowledge stand in the way of buying a home; instead get education; work with knowledge lenders who will take the time help you develop a strategy to meet your loan goal.

Christie Cannon of Keller Williams Realty also recommends that buyers develop and stick to a budget. Many people do not realize that they are extra fees that go into buying a house and additional costs to ownership. Sitting down with a calculator and a realtor can help estimate what the total monthly payments would turn out to be. Doing this will help put the buyer in a position of knowing where their price range is.


Christie Cannon – Working with Keller Williams Realty


The success of Christie Cannon at Keller Williams Realty was nearly instant. Her hard work ethic paid high dividends as she was recognized for her achievements in the company. This has been the story of Cannon who became a Texas Real Estate Commission Licensed Agent in 1997. Even during her years before Keller Williams Cannon was finding great success. She worked for five years in commercial and residential land development closing deals of development that she would also earn.

When Christie Cannon first started working with Keller Williams Realty she was able to get off to a hot start. Her tenure with this realty firm started her as an individual agent (Christie Cannon). In the years 2004 and 2005, Cannon was awarded the Rookie of the Year award. This was a great esteem booster for Cannon who worked hard to achieve high marks. After this point, she knew it was time to set sights high and to start establishing a team to be a division of Keller Williams Realty. Her first partner was he husband Kevin, a Licensed Broker Associate, and thus the Christie Cannon Group began.


Christie Cannon of Keller Williams Realty saw just as much accomplishment with her group as she had as an individual agent, if not more. They were able to hire on a full time staff in ’07 followed by a Buyer’s agent in ’09. They were continually growing and gaining business in their area. The team is now made up of three full time staff members and six agents. Christie Cannon Group has been named Keller Williams’ top group in Frisco. Their services have also been recognized outside of their company, by D Magazine and Texas Monthly Magazine.